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About STEM Prodigy


STEM Prodigy is an education company that provide applied STEM classes and enrichment programs for curious and aspiring students in the New York metropolitan area. We partner with schools, parent-teacher associations (PTA's), academia, and industry experts to develop fun and engaging STEM classes that will help prepare students for a successful career in the 21st century.


By 2025, 3.5 million STEM jobs will need to be filled. These jobs provide a sustainable career with high earning potential. STEM is the key to innovation and job creation in the United States.  Over 85% of startups (Google, Yahoo, eBay, Nvidia, etc.) are created by entrepreneurs with a strong STEM foundation.  From successful executives who went to top engineering schools to college drop outs who became successful tech entrepreneurs, there is a recurring theme. They attribute applied STEM skills as a key factor to their successes.


- High quality teachers

- Innovative proprietary teaching materials

- Project based learning methodology

- Adaptive learning platform that allows instructors to track STEM skills

- Partnerships with key technology companies such as LEGO and VEX to optimize the learning experience

- Strong relationships with CTO's from Silicon Alley (NYC) to Silicon Valley and top engineering universities to keep abreast of the latest tech trends


- STEM Prodigy Lab Forest Hills

- Host Site Upper East Side

- Public School East Harlem

- Public School East Village

- Private School Upper East Side

- Private School Upper West Side

- Private School Chelsea


STEM Prodigy Tutors

Our instructors and tutors are a diverse group of well-trained teaching professionals with a strong technology background.  Some of our instructors have a Bachelor's and/or Master's degree with over 3+ yrs of experience as an applications expert (programmer, IT, engineering, math, physics, etc.).  We require background checks on all of our employees and put them through a rigorous training program to be effective applied STEM instructors.  

In addition to staffing after school classes with highly qualified teachers, we also can staff instructors as part of your school's core technology curricula.  

Some of our teachers are also available for one on one tutoring and smaller groups, we have tutors who speak Spanish and Mandarin which can be helpful.  There are numerous local and national robotics and coding competitions where volunteer mentors may not be sufficient for your teams.  We can help connect teams to volunteers and you may also be interested in hiring one of our coaches with experience in these competitions.  For example in NYC, we work with teams who participate in the FIRST Lego League and Robotics competitions.  


We are actively hiring coding and robotics instructors who want to expand their career. Please send us your resume with Candidate in the subject line to


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