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LEGO Robotics

Saturdays, April 7/14/21


ROBOTICS I CLASS* (Beginner to Intermediate) 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

ROBOTICS II CLASS** (Intermediate to Advanced) 2 PM to 5 PM

*Recommended Ages 6-12

**Recommended Ages 10-16

Kids can stay for both sessions as the classes are designed to accommodate kids of different levels and Robotics II can build on Robotics I or taken independently.

Location: STEM Prodigy Lab

            108-23 Jewel Avenue, Suite B

            Forest Hills, NY 11375

Two LEGO education platforms called BOOST Toolbox and MINDSTORMS (1st - 6th Grades) are utilized in the classes. Hands-on learning, small group approach, and trial-and-error experimentation is fostered in these classes. Students will be able to tap into their imagination and build robots of their choice with the LEGO kits. Using a variety of sensors, students will learn how to create smarter and more functioning robot with the access to the LEGO MINDSTORM and LEGO WeDo programs. LEGO Robotics is an ideal course for ages 6, all the way to 16.


Students will learn:


  • how to build/ program robots out of LEGO’s, sensors, motors, and microprocessors

  • how to conceptualize a logical solution to a problem

  • enhance robot with artificial intelligence


$75 per 3 hour session

$140 for both sessions

Course Syllabus:

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