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Engineering and Innovation (CAD and 3D Printing) Camp


This introductory class to engineering processes utilizes traditional sketching techniques using pencil and paper to capture ideas and convert them electronically using CAD tools.  

Once the design is done on CAD, students will create their innovation using a 3-D printer.  Students will be given a problem to solve and collaborate with teammates to develop solutions.  Solutions will repeatedly be examined and improved, as if they were engineers.  The tools used will be transferable to high school and college level engineering classes.  The curriculum was developed with input from top engineering schools and hiring managers from technology firms.


What students will learn:


a. How to sketch like an engineer or design in 2D/ 3D

b. How to use TinkerCAD/Fusion 360 to create objects and combine objects to make custom 3D designs

c. How to think and innovate like an engineer, individually and in a team

d. How to present technical ideas and draw conclusions in a group setting


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