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Intro to Java

Students will learn what Java is and the basic functions of the language. Students will learn to write basic programs, use correct syntax, and apply logic to write code. This course will allow students to build on this knowledge in later courses.

Intermediate Java

Students will have taken intro to Java or have had a basic Java class. In this intermediate/advance class, students will design more complex programs. They will study examples of how programming techniques are used and how to properly structure the code so that others can build on the program. Frameworks popular to Java will be explained and students will be expected to continue to build on their program after the class and submit it for grading. By the end of this course students should have a firm foundation in programming that will lead to the ability to adapt to any new programming language. The students will use the computer language Java. They will be introduced to the concept of object-oriented programming. The major topics of this course include the syntax of java, OOP, classes, and a solid ability to read code.


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