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VEX IQ is a snap-together robotics system designed from the ground up to provide this opportunity to future engineers of all skill levels. By packaging advanced concepts into an accessible package, the system also naturally encourages inventing, teamwork, and problem solving. Using VEX IQ to teach kids engineering and coding has proven to be fun and effective for students looking beyond the LEGO® 's and wanting more complexity, flexibility, and the ability to use tools. VEX robots are ideal for Grades 5-8. We will follow VEX's educational A-L Units curriculum syllabus.  We are continuing to work with VEX to provide feedback for continous improvement of our course materials and their curriculum and robots.
Intermediate VEX Robotics:
Unit A: It’s Your Future – Learn about STEM, engineering, and robotics
Unit B: Let’s Get Started – Learn about VEX IQ, the Controller, and the Robot Brain
Unit C: Your First Robot – Build and test Clawbot IQ
Unit D: Simple Machines & Motion – Explore Levers, Pulleys, Pendulums, & more
Unit E: Chain Reaction Challenge – Design fun devices using Simple Machines
Unit F: Key Concepts – Explore and apply science and math that engineers use
Advance VEX Robotics:
Unit G: Mechanisms – Motors, Gear Ratio, Drivetrains, Object Manipulation & more
Unit H: Highrise Challenge – Build a challenge-ready teleoperated robot
Unit I: Smart Machines – Learn how sensors work and the basics of programming
Unit J: Chain Reaction Programming Challenge – Apply sensor and programming knowledge to automate fun devices
Unit K: Smarter Machines – Expand your knowledge of sensors and programming
Unit L: Highrise Programming Challenge – Build a challenge-ready autonomous robot *Robotics Team Competitions
AI Robotics:
Students will build on the knowledge from the Advance robotics class and apply advance software techniques to VEX IQ robots. Machine learning via Artificial Intelligence is explored. Students will explore advance calculations on MATLAB and model adaptive controls. They will take these models and integrate this into their robots to demonstrate the learning capabilities.


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